To drive project efficiency through an innovative approach to the energy industries unique and continuously evolving requirements

At HIVE, we believe it’s never enough just to follow the status quo in the energy sector—it’s all about asking ourselves one simple question: how can we do energy technology better?

The answer is simple: use our collective expertise and proven track record to drive efficiency, share in your risk, and do things differently.

We’re talking revolutionary thinking in a crowded marketplace—one that’s rapidly evolving, where good enough doesn’t deliver any longer. And so, we’re doing things a new way, by offering our customers proven modular solutions that work, along with a disruptive risk-share approach that means we put as much on the line as they do.

Simply put, our philosophy is truly revolutionary. So is the modular technology we’ve developed, and the customizable vertical integration strategy we use.

We formed HIVE because, in the world of energy technology, we see the need for change—our mindset didn’t align with good enough reliability, cost-effectiveness, and safety; we knew we could do better. And we have.


HIVE attracts the best designers, engineers, contractors and managers to create efficient solutions for the marketplace

The HIVE team is multi-disciplined and offers real hands-on experience with over 250 well pairs, infill wells and steam flood wells operating within 10 unique reservoirs in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Andy Farrow
Austin Vlooswyk
Director, BD
Mark Hamill
Financial Accountant
Randy Lomas
HSE Manager

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