Engineering Company Calgary

Today’s energy market is extremely volatile with increased competition influenced by global energy and economic events. To be successful you need a safe, reliable workplace with talented personnel to bring in higher yields and lower costs.

HIVE represents strength in structure, efficiency in design and talent through innovation. Our vision is to introduce Custom Project Solutions to the energy industry to safeguard long-term viability.

As a solutions provider, Calgary based Scovan Engineering recognized a need for a company to provide clients with services that delivered real solutions and were innovative yet practical and cost effective. The need was filled by forming HIVE Innovations. HIVE delivers strength in all directions. Our superior designs create safe, reliable and cost effective solutions that provide clients with even greater budgetary control. With reduced risk and liability to the end user, improved delivery times, standardization and proven experience and quality – clients are swarming to HIVE.

EPC Company in Calgary

HIVE works to shrink inefficiencies and overheads of traditional EPCM models by integrating new technologies that can increase profitability and reduce costs. To achieve these goals HIVE offers a variety of models:

LUMP SUM EPF Engineering, Procurement & Fabrication
LUMP SUM EPC Engineering, Procurement & Construction
HIVE is initially focused on its original SAGD Well Pad product offering – but is also working to provide additional efficiencies in the following areas:
  • Water treatment facilities (evaporator systems, concentrators, crystallizers, blowdown treatment)
  • Steam generation
  • Power generation including cogeneration
  • Overall facility designs for insitu projects
  • Distributed SAGD facilities (pad sized processing facilities)
  • Pipelines and other supporting infrastructure
HIVE has aligned with industry partners that work to provide clients with greater value in areas that include:
  • Regulatory application engineering submissions and design validation
  • Design, procurement and project management services
  • Fabrication, construction and commissioning services
  • Operations, maintenance and performance optimization
  • Drilling, pipeline and civil services

The Hive Team Experience Meets Innovation

HIVE has assembled an executive management team of industry professionals who bring proven expertise and experience to lead our business.

Donovan Nielsen photo

Donovan Nielsen Chairman

As Co-founder and President of Calgary based SCOVAN Engineering, Donovan has an innovative engineering and problem solving background with 400+ completed projects to his credit worth over $1 billion.

Dallas Lenius photo

Dallas Lenius President

Dallas has accumulated 25 yrs of experience working in pipelines, refineries and oil sands. He’s a former owner and operator of Force Pile Driving with over $100MM in annual sales.


TREVOR PHENIX VP, Business Development

Trevor has an unprecedented portfolio of thermal development expertise in both an operational and technical advisory role and over a decade of multi discipline thermal reservoir experience.

Kevin Van Vliet photo

Kevin Van Vliet Business Manager

Kevin is all business to the core and oversees financial, contractual as well many HR-related matters. His day is filled with planning, coordinating, number crunching and getting things done, right.

The HIVE Collective is multi disciplined and has hands-on experience with over 250 well pairs, infill wells and steam flood wells operating within 10 uniquely different and challenging reservoirs in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our team brings extensive skills including in-depth thermal development and operational experience.

Collective Experience

The HIVE Collective includes the following SAGD project experience:

  • Athabasca Oil Sands – Hangingstone
  • BlackPearl – Blackrod & Onion Lake
  • Cenovus – Christina Lake & Foster Creek
  • Connacher – Pod 1 & Algar
  • CNRL – Kirby Pilot (Rio Alto Exploration), Kirby South
  • Husky – Bolney, Edam, & Pikes Peak
  • OSUM – Orion (BlackRock & Osum)
  • Pengrowth – Lindbergh Pilot & Commercial
  • Serafina – Edam
  • Southern Pacific – McKay
  • Suncor - Firebag
  • Sunshine Oilsands – West Ells
  • Total – Joslyn Pilot & Commercial (Deer Creek)