HIVE has proudly established a social and community investment philosophy that clients can have confidence in. These include Social Responsibility, Efficiency and Innovation.


HIVE works hard to maintain ethical practices and to promote responsible initiatives with communities and regulators. We achieve this through a number of significant programs.

  • Engaging with local communities
  • Engaging with Indigenous populations
  • Focusing on innovation/efficiency and social responsibility for clients
  • Leading changes in the industry, ahead of being mandated
  • Community investment
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Aligning core values with those of our clients and the communities we engage with


HIVE focuses on efficiencies through promoting innovative programs, new technologies and processes that further the long-term sustainability of our business.

  • Emerson Process Endorsement – Using the Delta-V platform and having the key instrumentation in place will allow products to be optimization ready
  • Practical performance focused
  • Process driven – Practical and efficient specifications and procedures
  • Utilize new software solutions where beneficial
  • Providing customers easy and efficient ways of getting the information they need when they need it
  • Use better ways of fabricating or constructing
  • Reducing overhead, re-work and inefficiencies through the execution life cycle projects


HIVE takes pride in delivering innovative services through new technologies and smart partners to create added value. These goals are achieved through a variety of innovative programs.

  • Striving for LEED certification for modules
  • Offering a service that is different from how it has always been
  • New equipment technologies
  • Focus on providing solutions compared to selling hours
  • Focus on the value chain and strategically partnering to add value for clients
  • Better ways of fabricating or constructing
  • Transparency and quality