HIVE Innovations is proud to have the first commercially available Pad Level Solvent Recovery System, PadHX-SR. The use of solvents in heavy oil recovery has proven to improve economics, decrease GHG emissions substantially and decrease water usage in SAGD production. However, solvent injection and recovery typically happens on a large scale at the CPF level and needs to be built upfront or it’s an enormous cost to the producing company. Our Pad Level Solvent Recovery System (PadHX-SR) is a small-scale system that can be utilized on individual wellpads. This reduces the cost significantly and allows companies the flexibility of trying out different solvents at different times in the production cycle. HIVE has had great success in reducing the cost of wellpads by designing repeatable modular solutions and we are excited to use these learnings on other technologies such as Pad Level Solvent Recovery. This excellent article by Deb Jarmeko at JWN Energy highlights the need for this technology in the industry.

Forget The CPF: Pad-Level Oilsands Solvent Implementation Gaining Interest

By Deborah Jaremko, Daily Oil Bulletin

The oilsands industry has been waiting for years for someone to commercialize solvent-assisted SAGD and prove its efficiency benefits. The time might be right for this to happen, but not necessarily in the way it was expected.

SAGD is currently responsible for more than 40 per cent of total oilsands production, according to the DOB’s Canadian Oilsands Navigator. Modeling and field-testing has indicated that solvent co-injection could significantly reduce steam requirements, lowering GHG emissions while providing a meaningful uplift in oil recovery as SAGD wells age.

There’s been a shift in mindset for some producers in that the technology may be better suited for incremental deployment pad-by-pad versus in a single swoop at the central processing facility (CPF). If it works, this would be cheaper and more flexible. And it is a great idea, says Jared Wynveen, executive vice-president with McDaniel & Associates Consultants Ltd.

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