Drawing on our extensive experience, HIVE is leading the way through design and fabrication of efficient and effective solutions at a fixed cost – with no surprises – to provide a honey of a solution. We are able to tap into a wealth of research from industry partners that save valuable time and resources in the design of innovative solutions.

Look to HIVE to provide:

  • Superior designs
  • Safe, reliable, robust and cost effective solutions
  • Cost certainty
  • Reduced risk and liability for the end user
  • Improved delivery times
  • Standardization
  • Proven experience and quality
  • Financing options

Well Pad Solutions

Our team of experts at HIVE have developed a robust well pad solution with interchangeable modules – Resulting in a nearly infinite number of adaptable configurations to satisfy any project requirements. Choose your specifications below to see your plot plan and create a 3D rendering of the well pad facility.

Rendered image
Plot Plan

Standard Features

Standard features list

  • Includes the Proprietary HUB Module
  • Fully Expandable Design
  • Lead Times Significantly Reduced
  • Accommodates all Industry Well Configurations
  • Completely Engineered Product
  • Risk and Hazard Analysis Completed
  • Redundant Instrumentation
  • Double Block and Bleed Isolation
  • Incorporates Industry Standard Brands
  • Fully Automated Controls
  • DCS Control System
  • Circulation/Bullhead Ready
  • Steam or Gas Lift
  • Future Tie In Points for Available Options
  • Sample System
  • Production Philosophy Flexibility (Ex. Gas Lift, Steam Lift, Artificial Lift, Type of Artificial Lift).

Well Pad Model

Designed to significantly reduce costs and increase productivity, our fully adaptable HIVE modular solutions mean we can standardize pricing per module. Our extensive expertise and industry relationships offer access to unmatched materials, fabrication and execution teams at preferred pricing to ensure great results and even greater value. Additionally, our interchangeable puzzle-piece approach means streamlined assembly and accelerated construction.