March 7, 2017

Hive Innovations Inc. (Hive) is pleased to announce it has been awarded the well pair additions at Orion Pad 108 and Pad 204-05 for Osum Oilsands. The project scope includes three well pairs in total: two well pairs at Pad 108, and one well pair at Pad 204-05. Osum Oilsands has been a valued partner of Scovan Engineering Inc. and Hive looks forward to continuing to build upon that relationship.

We are confident that the collective experience of the Hive management group will enable Osum Oilsands to further refine its execution strategies and provide economic advantages in an industry that must innovate to remain sustainable. The Hive advantage is clear:

  • A strong management team supported by extensive construction and engineering experience
  • Strategic partnerships that support our long-term project execution model
  • A true lump sum solution that reduces overhead and project risk to the client
  • Utilizes a proven design that has been continually refined through extensive collaboration with designers, engineers, construction and operator input
  • Leverages the flexibility of the design to adapt to specific project requirements.


For further information regarding this release or other questions regarding Hive, please contact:

Dallas Lenius

President, Hive Innovations Inc.